I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch the finale of season one of OITNB yet

But the, “Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?” line has stuck with me.

This deserves discussing. Once I’ve finished season one.

Maybe then, again, after season two.

Because goddamn. That’s some “you’re not broken” level shit right there. 

i just looked at the shooting calendar/schedule for this short i’m crewing for


i’m gonna die

2:30pm-11:30pm shoots on Monday nights?

i seriously am going to die. i’m lucky it’s on monday nights and not a day when i have shittons due the next day, but, still. shit, man. this is going to be really intense and hard.

'cause, like, it's one thing to do a full day of shooting (and a 9 hour shoot is a full day) when that's the only thing you're doing. it's another thing entirely to do that on TOP of classes.

Look into my eyes so you know what it’s like to live a life not knowing what a normal life’s like.

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Anonymous asked:
If you watched S3 of Hannibal and actually liked it would you give Fuller credit for turning the show around? I'm with you that S2 was problematic in so many aspects, but I'm still interested to see where he goes with it. I'll certainly give him a fair shake.


I mean…if it was unexpectedly brilliant again and none of the problematic elements existed anymore, then I’d probably give him credit for that.  But I’m not optimistic, and I’m not going into it with optimism, because I never really got the sense that Fuller felt anything was problematic.  His episode walk throughs only made me angry at the lack of reasonable motivations behind writing decisions.  He was dismissive and borderline rude on Twitter during the Margot thing, and honestly I never thought Fuller would be one to be rude.  The closest he’s come to acknowledging problems is saying that the female characters should get more attention next season, but he said that last year, so it means nothing.  And the critics are validating the idea that the show didn’t dip in quality, God know’s why.  


A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Corey Arnold

There’s a galaxy of
stars that cling to rocks,
crawling over things
to drag you down
to the ocean’s floor.

The ocean is six miles deep
(and that’s only what we can see)
between what’s said
and what’s left.

When sand burns 
into looking glass
beneath the glare
of your brights,
the floor’s
not solid and

you’ll slow-sink
in quick-sand,
the coming unknown
swallowing you
dry like a pill
so it burns on
the way down.

I think that
the stars would
reach out
to you,
that it
come too
late and
sand would
have filled
your eyes

We learned
at a
in a
you were
to jump


January I broke a window,
when I ducked for cover
from hail the size of mice.
The stars laughed at me.

February saw me
sit at the lakeshore
waiting for the
groundhog’s shadow.

April marched over,
shattered the
mirror I fell through.
Maybe that’s that.

I can’t fathom six
miles in any direction.
But you taught me
how to fake it.

The stars are lead
by the swimming
tiger, denizen of
those lazy rivers
of time-turning sand.

Boundlessly they flow,
followed by fools of
gold teeth, muddy
boots from orchards
of dank crab-apples
who rest their claws
in broken dives.

From the Audubon
into the junction
at the world’s edge
where andforbutso
neither, yet met( on a bridge)

Only once did we
pause to count
how long is a while.

The ocean is six miles deep
but that’s only what we can see.

"Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?"

holy shit

i love cider.

oh god

my laptop just fell on its side

and i’m terrified something bad’s gonna happen

The hardest part of apartment life has most definitely been having to cook and to grocery shop off a list of my own (at home I’d shop for my mom, but she’d make the list).

the pace of this movie was better in the first hour.

i need this 30 minutes to end in less than 30 minutes. i have to sleep some before waking up to shower and study!


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And in other news, this last episode of Orange Is the New Black broke my fucking heart.

The look on Maria’s face when she was brought back to the prison after giving birth?

Shit, man.

random things
  1. Econ sucks, but at least the book is easy to read. It’s a much better teacher than my prof and I feel like I learn from it. And it doesn’t make me feel stupid.
  2. I keep getting compared to the guy from Portlandia - like, a professor keeps calling my friend and I the couple from Portlandia. Plus Ellen says we’re like them. I don’t really have context to process this and decide how I feel, so let’s hope it’s a compliment.
  3. Note to self: drink more green tea —> maybe consider brewing a large amount and chilling it in the fridge, since it’s too hot, really, to enjoy hot drinks? Also consider sugar.
  4. Study at the fourth floor of Grady more often. It has tables, chairs, outlets, a nice atmosphere, a good temperature, and isn’t too quiet like the library.
  5. It’s  slightly peeving that my Starred Radio on Spotify is playing songs I’ve starred.
  6. Going to the gym three times a week has been a great decision.
  7. Also I forgot about the avocado in my fridge. Crap.